Choosing The Best Whiskey Decanter.

Whiskey Decanter

When the whiskey is decanted, it comes in contact with the oxygen present around. Exposure to oxygen oxidizes the whiskey. Whiskey needs to be decanted because this process adds more oxygen. When the whiskey is oxidized, there is a slightly better change in its taste. The site has talked about decantation of whiskey with better detail. While you need to choose a good whiskey decanter, will be of great help. It is always good to think twice before you choose a whiskey decanter.

Whiskey necessarily does not need to be decanted in the same way as in the case of other drinks because it does not have sediments which need to be separated out from the whiskey. Sometimes decanting can have an adverse effect on the taste of whiskey. However, decanting the whiskey is not a bad idea. Decanting of whiskey is more for the decorative purpose than for its real taste. Decanting of whiskey is mainly done to pour the whiskey into a beautiful and attractive decanter. More or less the very idea of decanting of whiskey is about enhancing its appearance and making it more attractive. Decanting is essential for whiskey but not for oxidizing it but for pouring it into a good decanter.

Whiskey comes packed in a simple glass bottle. A decanter makes the whiskey much more presentable. A decanter should be looking more presentable when compared to the original bottle of the whiskey. Mainly, there are a couple of different decanters for whiskey. Glass decanters are made up of thick glass. Glass decanters have beautiful and decorative cuts and patterns on them. While pouring whiskey in the glass decanters, one needs to be very careful. Also, you need to check that there are no cracks on the glass decanter. Any crack might lead to wastage of the whiskey. To avoid this situation be careful when you choose a decanter for whiskey. Therefore, Whiskey decanters serve the purpose of safely storing the whiskey.

Another type of not so commonly used whiskey decanter is the crystal whiskey decanter. Crystal whiskey decanters are made up of thick crystal. They are a little similar to the glass decanters, but the only point of distinction between both is, crystal whiskey decanters are cleaner than glass decanters. This allows one to observe the color of whiskey. Thereby helping to judge its tone and texture. However, the main problem with the crystal decanter is its high price. The crystal decanters are too expensive which makes them less affordable. Both the decanters- glass decanter as well as crystal decanter needs a good glass or crystal stopper to prevent any element to enter inside and spoil the whiskey’s taste.

Stoppers are a must for whiskey decanters. Stoppers made up of wood might get damaged with the passage of time. Wooden Stoppers are not durable. So, it is not a good idea to choose wooden stoppers. Pick a glass or crystal stopper instead. The stopper should properly fit the decanter to ensure sealing. Proper sealing will prevent any spillage of whiskey. The stopper will also help to preserve its taste.

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